About Us


Hi there!

We are Michelle and Anthony, the founders and hosts of SwingerSinsations. We have been hosting our parties for over 7 years now and over the years we have developed a great following of respectful people who enjoy playing. We pride ourselves on hosting parties that offer a welcoming, no pressure environment to make you feel relaxed & right at home. Feel free to just watch or jump in and join the action, either way we want you to have a great time and have a night you won't forget! 

We hope you will join us soon and look forward to meeting you.

What to Expect

Whether you are new to the lifestyle, a seasoned Vet, or whether you're looking to just mingle or play you can always expect a safe, fun, and pressure free space. Our house is set up so that whatever your here for, you can do without any concerns! Our events always begin with everyone getting to know each other by talking, and other socializing as well as laying out everyone's rules and boundaries thus leading to an action-packed afternoon or evening of naughty fun! It’s obvious that our parties are sexual in nature. We don’t feel it necessary to force our guests to strip down to the nude or wear next to nothing. Whatever you choose to wear, we want you to be comfortable and confident. The only thing we ask is good personal hygiene. We welcome all couples and singles 21 and over, and yes that means single men as well. We don’t prescreen our guests for attractiveness, wealth, youth, fitness, or willingness to “perform”, but we do screen for respectful people so Couples, as well as the single ladies, be it new or retuning, never have to worry about overly aggressive, pushy, or disrespectful men as they are never invited; and if they happen to slip thru, they would be escorted out and not allowed to return. The most important thing to remember is that NO MEANS NO! AND ALWAYS ASK FOR PERMISSION BEFORE TOUCHING OR PLAYING! As a guest, we expect you to respect others as you would expect to be respected. Not everyone who attends our parties are seasoned swingers or are here to play or play with everyone. While there is always plenty of action, some are here to watch while some just like to socialize in a safe environment. We understand & respect this. You should as well. So come check us out for yourself and find out why people who come call us one of the best play parties around!